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ISSeP, your partner in developing the compliance of your equipment intended to be used in potentially explosive atmosphere in intrinsic safety protection mode.

With more than 30 years of experience, the ISSeP is the ideal partner to support manufacturers in the assessment and certification of products or systems installed in hazardous areas.

Technical assistanceTechnical assistance is focused on two axis

1.       Assistance in the design or modification of equipment with a view to its compliance with standards;

2.       Assistance in the development and writing of the manufacturer’s technical file.

Writing of preliminary assessment reports   

The writing of preliminary assessment reports is based on a technical assessment.     This report includes all the compliant and non-compliant points, as well as all the tests which must be carried out by an ATEX notified or IECEx accepted body.   Where appropriate, as this report is in the ExTR format, it can be used in whole or in part by a notified or accepted body with a view to issuing a certificate.   However, it is at the discretion of this body whether or not to accept this report.

Technical assessment   

The technical assessment is based on the technical documentation and on the datasheets of the critical components.    The separation distances and creepage are assessed with GERBER files (computer format of printed circuits).    Surface temperature assessment is based on the thermal resistance information found in the components’ datasheets.

Trainings about equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres or on the protection mode by intrinsic safety   

ISSeP can give you training on Directive 2014/34 / EU, on certification in general as well as on the intrinsic safety mode of protection itself    ISSeP can also offer you a personalized training program according to your needs.

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