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General Management
Rose Detaille 04/229 82 69
Executive secretary 04/229 82 70
Environmental Monitoring Department
Benjamin Bergmans 04/229 83 69
Analytical laboratory management
Laurence Haouche 065/61 08 27
Activity management and field measurements
Philippe NIX 04/229 82 76
GSM: 0477 506 423
Risk Management
Hervé Breulet 04/229 82 03
GSM: 0496 546 520
Financial Manager
Nathalie Canicatti 04/229 82 07
Human Resources Manager
Sophie Delcourt 04/229 82 90

Department managers

Air qualityGuy Gerard04/229.83.67
Water qualityBenjamin Bergmans04/229 83 69
Atmospheric emissionsFrançois Idczak04/229.83.42
Waste and hazardous sitesCatherine Collart04/229.82.45
Inorganic chemistryTiécoura Sinaba04/229.82.32
Organic chemistryCaroline Nadin04/229.82.52
MicrobiologyNadine Burlion04/229.83.05
Reference laboratoryXavier Veithen04/229.83.71
Asbeste and HeritageDominique Bossiroy04/229.83.21
EcotoxicologyYves Marneffe04/229.82.31
Electromagnetic fieldsBenjamin Vatovez04/229.82.35
Risks and subsoilsLorraine Dewaide065/61.08.03
Remote sensing and geodataEric Hallot04/229.83.16
Analysis(CAN)Mélanie Lefèbvre065/61.08.14
Solid Matter Unit Basile Delavaquerie065/61.08.19
Vehicle Emission Laboratory Maxime Motta065/61.08.16
CommunicationSophie Sleypenn0496 74 04 08
Press OfficerFabrice Terlonge0495 54 53 54

The in-house occupational health and safety department

Roselyne Cajot04/229 82

Receiver and Treasurer

Receiver: Patricia Sepulchre
Acting Receiver : Jacqueline Fissette

Treasurer: Jacqueline Fissette
Alternate Treasurer : Alexandra Jauniau

Thematic correspondents

For each environmental component, a thematic correspondent has been appointed to facilitate dialogue with Walloon and European public services and collaborators, and to promote a forward-looking and anticipatory policy for our Institute.

AirGuy Gerard04/229.83.67
WaterMarie-France Canisius04/229.82.32
SolRobin Lambotte04/229.83.59
WasteEmerance Bietlot04/229.83.47
SedimentFlorian Lienard065/61.08.24
Risks and nuisancesBenjamin Vatovez04/229.82.35
Accidental hazardsHervé Breulet04/229.82.03
Remote sensing and geodataEric Hallot04/229.83.16

The government

ISSeP is a Public Administration Unit (UAP) directly under the authority of the Walloon Government, which holds the management powers.

Céline Tellier, Minister for the Environment, Nature, Forestry, Rural Affairs and Animal Welfare, is the Institute’s functional minister.

The support committee

The Support Committee is chaired by Mr Jean-François Rixen, representing the Minister for the Environment, Nature, Forestry, Rural Affairs and Animal Welfare.

Representatives of the Walloon Government

Dominique Defrise, representing the Minister for Climate, Energy and Mobility.

Marie Gerbayhaie, representing the Minister for the Civil Service, Information Technology, Administrative Simplification, Family Allowances, Tourism, Heritage and Road Safety.

Benjamin Calice, representing the French Minister for Employment, Training, Health, Social Action, Equal Opportunities and Women’s Rights;

Patrick Jossens, representing the Minister for Housing, Local Authorities and the City ;

Emilie Jennes, representing the Minister-President ;

Clémence Deville, representing the Minister of Budget and Finance, Airports and Sports Infrastructure;

Guillaume Mauroy, representing the Vice-Chairman and Minister for the Economy, Foreign Trade, Research and Innovation, the Digital Economy, Regional Planning, Agriculture, IFAPME and skills centers.

Administrative representatives

Marie Lahaye, representative of SPW Mobility and Infrastructure;

Véronique Dewasmes, representing SPW Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment;

Christophe Rasumny, representing SPW Territoire, Logement, Patrimoine et Energie;

Isabelle Haubert, representing SPW Economy, Employment and Research;

Maëlle Leloup, representing SPW Interior and Social Action.

Representative of the Inspectorate of Finance

Cédric Halin.

Representatives of the Economic and Social Council of Wallonia

Cécile Neven.

The Scientific and Technical Commission

The Scientific and Technical Commission has indicated its wish to appoint alternates to enable it to meet validly at each meeting. Contact will be made with the various bodies involved.

Chairmanship and Vice-Chairmanship of the Scientific and Technical Commission

Philippe Ancia, Chairman,

Jean-François Rixen, Vice-Chairman.

Representatives of the scientific community

Anne-Claude Romain (ULiège),
Suppl. Véronique Beauvois.

Pierre Delmelle (UCLouvain),
Suppl. Mathieux Javaux.

Benoît Haut (ULB),
Suppl. Frédéric Debaste.

Philippe Ancia (UMons),
Suppl. Anne-Lise Hantson.

Frédéric Silvestre (UNamur),
Suppl. Boris Hespeels.

Representing industry

Emilie Butaye (Indufeed),
Suppl. Laurie Dufourni.

Sébastien Loiseau (Fediex),
Suppl. Michel Calozet.

Cécile Neven (UWE),
Suppl. Isabel Zaghet.

Jean-François Pinget (Denuo),
Suppl. Kristof Bogaert.

Laurent Evrard (Febelcem),
Suppl. Jean-François Denoël.

Representing workers’ representative organizations

Laurent De Cooman (CGSP),
Suppl. Fabio Pasqualino.

Philippe Gérard (CSC),
Suppl. Sébastien Fays.

Thierry Kervyn (SLFP),
Suppl. Philippe Steffens.

Representing the EESC

Martine Evraud.

Representing ISSeP

Rose Detaille
Suppl. Mathieu Veschkens.

Representing the office of the Minister for the Environment, Nature, Forestry, Rural Affairs and Animal Welfare

Jean-François Rixen.


As stipulated in article 294 of the Walloon Government decree of December 18, 2003 establishing the Walloon Civil Service Code:

  • 1st – A scientific jury is set up for each department and organization to recruit scientific staff, as follows:

Members of the ISSeP scientific jury :

Anne-Claude Romain (ULiège),

Substitute Pierre Gérard (ULB).

Pierre Delmelle (UCLouvain),

Alternate Patrick Gerin (UCLouvain).

Frédéric Silvestre (UNamur),

Alternate, Catherine Linard (UNamur).