The ISSeP reference laboratory

Recognized operational scientific and technical interface between the various parties and partners involved in environmental characterization (water, air, waste/soil): the Walloon Region Administration, public or private laboratories and research centers.

Missions :

– to “assist the administration with technical tasks relating to laboratory approvals and analysis methods” (Decree 9/4/98, art. 2) – in particular, to ensure that laboratories comply with current regulations, using appropriate, validated technologies and methods;

– to “assist laboratories in implementing reference methods and a quality system” (Decree 9/4/98, art. 2), i.e. for the efficient and progressive use of sampling, analysis and data processing methods, with quality guarantees on technical skills (via accreditation) and results (via inter-laboratory tests).

The AGW of 5/27/99 specifies the 10-point mission that must be combined to meet the objectives and ensure the efficiency and sustainability of the reference laboratory.

As part of this mission, the Institute is responsible for :

  1. develop, maintain and distribute a reference methods manual;
  2. carry out an audit and subject laboratories applying for approval to a technical survey;
  3. evaluate the quality of the work of laboratories approved by the Walloon Region through intercomparison tests;
  4. test the conditions under which analytical methods are used;
  5. develop and update a database of the composition of the most common samples;
  6. provide technical support to laboratories approved by the Walloon Region in implementing reference methods and a quality assurance system;
  7. participate in national and international working groups on sampling, in situ measurement and analysis methods and techniques;
  8. develop, improve and test sampling, in situ measurement and analysis methods;
  9. provide technical support to the administration;
  10. to carry out missions on behalf of the administration related to that of the reference laboratory;


The reference laboratory’s mission covers sampling, in situ measurements and analyses in the above-mentioned fields.

To carry out its mission, the reference laboratory relies on the ISSeP Analytical Laboratories Department.

Contact: Xavier Veithen – 04 229 83 71