Current research projects – Air

List of current air quality research projects :

ACTRIS Aerosols,Clouds,and Trace gases Research InfraStructure Network Defining a high quality standard and pooling our tools and experience on a European scale for air quality measurement

AIR-ECOLE (QUALAICOL): Raising awareness in schools and measuring indoor air quality. Inform local players about the impact of traffic on air quality around schools.

CO2 SENSOR Supply and monitoring of CO2 sensors to raise awareness among students and teachers of the importance of proper classroom ventilation.

DIAPASON Study of ammonia dispersion and reactivity : impact of agricultural practices on ambient air quality in the Walloon region.

EDIT: Development of a decision-making tool to guide mobility choices in cities, with the primary aim of improving air quality.

ICOS-WB Integrated Carbon Observation System in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Can our ecosystem continue to offset our greenhouse gas emissions? Better understand the important role of vegetation and oceans in combating climate change.

INDAIRPOLLNET (INDoorAIR POLLutionNETwork) : Improving understanding of the cause of high concentrations of atmospheric pollutants in indoor air through exchange and collaboration with European experts in the field.

Micro-sensors Setting up a complementary network of mini air quality monitoring stations using low-cost micro-sensors, a new way of assessing exposure to air pollution.

OIE (Outdoor and Indoor Exposure) : Precise identification of traffic-related air pollution in ambient and indoor air.

SMART’IN AIR (Smart indoor air monitoring network to reduce the impacts of pollutants on environment and health) : Development of an analyzer to measure VOCs and formaldehyde in real time, enabling targeted action to improve indoor air quality.

SNIFECAR Monitoring NO2 levels in indoor air – Focus on motorists’ exposure according to driving conditions

TransfAIR: Interreg Project – Cross-border tools for harmonized air quality management.

ZBE (Low Emission Zones) : Environmental impact study for the implementation of Low Emission Zones (ZBE) in Wallonia. Reduce the negative impact of certain automobile-related air pollutants.