Completed projects in health and environmental risks

ELENSA Geographical ecological study of the link between the use of agricultural phytopharmaceutical products in Wallonia and the occurrence of specific pathologies.

EXPOPESTEN EXposition de la POpulation aux PESTicides Environnementaux (EXposition of the population to environmental PESTicides)

OPENAGRO Valorisation d’Outils d’aide à la décision en Agriculture et en Environnement dans le
Wallonia’s digital 4.0 plan

PROPULPPP Study on the prevention of population exposure to pesticides

SANISOL To determine the concentrations of lead, arsenic, cadmium, zinc, copper, molybdenum and mercury present in the blood, urine and hair of the beneficiaries (gardeners and/or consumers) of the Coin de Terre de Bressoux (CTB).