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February 15, 2024, Antenne center, PFAS: ‘blood test’ campaign in Ronquières

January 17, 2023, RTBF, Investigation – Pesticides: Walloon farmers exposed despite protective equipment

January 15, 2023, La DH, Biomonitoring around metal shredders: postponed, ISSeP is on PFAS, PFAS, PFAS

January 9, 2023, RTBF, Des quantités astronomiques de microplastique dans l’eau en bouteille : quels risques pour la santé ?

January 9, 2023, Le Soir, Pfas pollution: the delicate issue of communicating blood test results

January 9, 2023, RTBF, Chièvres: blood tests to determine citizens’ PFAS levels

January 9, 2024, Le Soir, Pfas pollution: blood sampling campaign begins this Tuesday in Chièvres

December 21, 2023, La DH, PFAS affair: Leuze residents invited to blood sampling campaign

December 17, 2023, La DH, PFAS pollution in Chièvres: blood testing campaign launched

December 13, 2023, RTBF, PFAS pollution: blood tests offered to residents of Nandrin, Tinlot and Modave

December 12, 2023, No Télé, PFAS in water in the Chièvres region: blood sampling to begin soon

December 12, 2023, Le Spécialiste, PFAS pollution – Blood sampling to begin in the next few weeks; scientific advisory board enlarged

October 31, 2023, Le Vif, De l’amiante à l’Observatoire de Cointe : la Région n’avait pas informé les occupants

September 26, 2023, La Libre, Les riverains des aéroports wallons doivent-ils craindre pour leur santé?

August 31, 2023, RTBF JT 13H , Li-Fi: accessing the Internet by light

July 21, 2023, La Meuse, The 76,000 tonnes of waste from the Sarec company in Visé will finally be evacuated.

July 13, 2023, L’Avenir, La Région veut pérenniser les SAMIs, ce service méconnu qui vérifie si votre logement vous rend malade (in French only)

June 29, 2023, Les Niouzz (RTBF), BMH-WAL

June 30, 2023, SudInfo, Coolitude in Wallonia: refreshing experiences for a summer on fire

June 14, 2023, la Meuse, Seraing mayor Deborah Geradon warns Elia: “If there’s no agreement, I won’t sign their future authorization requests”.

June 5, 2023, SudInfo, With the return of fine weather, the province of Luxembourg offers you several places to swim

June 2, 2023, la DH, Laying an underground power link: according to Elia “it is not necessary to armor the cables”.

June 2, 2023, La Meuse Huy-Waremme, Good news, the Saint-Georges swimming pool remains open, but the mystery of the green water remains unsolved...

May 25 RTL Info, Traces of glyphosate and Bisphenol A, a recognized endocrine disruptor, found in the bodies of children in Wallonia

May 25, 2023, Vivacité, 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. newscasts

May 24, 2023, RTC Liège, Children too exposed to chemicals!

May 24, 2023, RTBF, Pollution: 95% of Walloon children exposed to cadmium

May 24, La Première, Results BMW-WAL 2 nd phase, 3:55-5:40 ,

May 24, 2023 SudInfo, Bisphenol A and glyphosate still present in children in Wallonia

May 5, 2023, L’Avenir, Liege Airport: atmospheric fallout around the airport under study

May 5, 2023, La Meuse, Atmospheric fallout around Liege Airport under study: heavy metals, hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are investigated

May 4, 2023, L’Avenir, Toxic dust at Antoing and Vaulx? Two months of testing to find out!

April 29, 2023, La Nouvelle Gazette du Centre, A self-combustion slope in Maurage put under high surveillance: air quality detectors installed in nearby school

April 27, 2023, La Meuse, Threatened with danger six years ago, the church at Slins (Juprelle) has been renovated from top to bottom at a cost of almost half a million euros.

April 19, 2023, La Nouvelle Gazette, The Minister in turn refuses the permit for the Gosselies travellers’ reception area: the project seems definitively buried!

March 28, 2023, Le Soir, Traces (of chlorpyrifos) in food and urine

March 14, 2023, Vivacité RTBF, Biosol – Jérôme Petit (at 48 min)

March 8, 2023, La Meuse, Nearly a third of Chertal’s buildings already demolished

March 9, 2023, RTBF Les Niouzz, ISSEP, Institut Scientifique de Service Public, is launching a major study on heavy metals and is looking for 300 children aged 6 to 11… Why?

March 7, 2023, L’Avenir, 7 biomonitoring stations around Liege Airport

February 28, 2023, La Meuse, A study will continuously analyze the pollution generated by aviation activities around Liège airport.

February 28, 2023, La Meuse, The ISSeP is still looking for 55 children aged 6 to 11 for a study on exposure to heavy metals in Grivegnée and Chênée.

February 27, 2023, L’Avenir, Charleroi: biomonitoring of BSCA residents is a given

January 27, 2023, Le JDE (L’Avenir), Les métaux lourds, présents aussi chez les enfants?

January 21, 2023, La Libre, A decidedly hypersensitive subject, electro (hyper) sensitivity continues to be the subject of debate.

January 13, 2023, Le Soir, A study of children’s exposure to heavy metals

January 11, 2023, L’Avenir Luxembourg,  Investigation into heavy metals in Belgian Lorraine: doctors find the project excellent

January 11, 2023, La Meuse Luxembourg, Biosol: call for candidates living in Belgian Lorraine and assessment of children’s exposure to heavy metals in soils

January 10, 2023, RTBF (Liège and Walloon Brabant regions), How exposed are children to heavy metals in Walloon soil? A survey is launched

January 10, 2023, L’Avenir Luxembourg, A study of children’s exposure to heavy metals in Belgian Lorraine 

January 10, 2023, L’Avenir Liège, How much exposure to heavy metals do children in Liège have? Call for candidates

January 10, 2023, Radio Contact (Contact news Liège) , Interview with Jérôme PETIT about Biosol recruitment

January 10, 2023, RTC Télé Liège, Searching for heavy metals in children

January 9, 2023, La Dernière Heure Luxembourg, Exposure of children to heavy metals in soil: call for candidates in Belgian Lorraine

January 9, 2023, RTBF radion, interview with Jérôme PETIT on recruitment for the Biosol project

January 9, 2023, TV Lux, Exposure of children to heavy metals in Gaume soils: ISSeP seeks participants

January 9, 2023, La Dernière Heure Liège, How much exposure to heavy metals do children in Liège have? Call for candidates

January 9, 2023, Le Spécialiste, Call for candidates to assess children’s exposure to heavy metals in soil

January 9, 2023, La Meuse Liège, ISSEP seeks children aged 6 to 11 for a study of soil toxicity in Chênée and Grivegnée.

January 9, 2023, L’Avenir, Study of heavy metals in children’s urine: ISSeP seeks volunteers