Completed projects in Earth Observation

BELAIR: Earth observation data acquisition to support scientific research.

CASMATTELE: Automated characterization of roofing materials using remote sensing.

CASMATTELE 2 Semi-automatic characterization of roofing materials using remote sensing. (Methodological optimization of CASMATTELE 1 and Walloon-wide implementation)

CETEO: Earth Observation (EO)-based decision support tools for the control and management of landfills.

EO4 LULUCF: Earth Observation for Climate Reporting with a focus on Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF).

HumSol: Feasibility study for soil moisture determination in Wallonia.

INTELLO Integrating artificial intelligence into WalLOn environmental monitoring tools. Link to project website:

PADI: Programme d’Appui au Développement de l’Irrigation au Burkina Faso (Support program for irrigation development in Burkina Faso).

SALTO Secure Active Learning for Territory Observation.

SAR: Use of remote sensing data (satellite and airborne) to update the inventory of sites to be redeveloped.

Smart Airports: Earth observation services to support airport operational management.

SMARTPOP: Spatial planning for population growth in Wallonia and, in particular, in
Liège to shape Smart Cities

WALOUS: WALlonie Land Occupancy and Use.