Our vision

A benchmark Walloon scientific organisation, capable of developing and expanding its potential through participative management.

As part of Wallonia’s threefold ambition to achieve its social, economic and ecological transition, and in the face of climate and environmental challenges, ISSeP has an important role to play as a Walloon reference tool. But also as a player in regional and European research.

As an environmental watchdog and risk assessment expert, the ISSeP remains a reliable support for the Walloon government and its subsidiary authorities, able to put its skills to good use in assessing environmental policies and to respond nimbly to various requests, even in emergency situations, with optimized, collaborative and dynamic governance in line with its missions and challenges. ISSeP works for both public customers (SPW…) and private customers (individuals, companies), providing high-quality, customized services. Citizens are also increasingly involved in our projects, particularly those involving participatory science.

It also means ensuring traceability and simplification of our procedures, and demonstrating agility and flexibility in responding to requests, particularly in crisis situations.

Our institute also aims to maintain its internationally recognized level of excellence and multidisciplinary skills, whether in sampling, environmental characterization (water, air, soil, waste, asbestos, electromagnetic fields, remote sensing…), monitoring or chronic or accidental risk assessment.

To guarantee the quality of the data produced, ISSeP relies on a team of internationally recognized multidisciplinary experts and four laboratories (inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology and ecotoxicology). BELAC accredited (ISO 17025, ISO 17043 and ISO 17020), it also acts as a guarantor for product characterization and testing services.
To remain at the cutting edge, ISSeP invests in new equipment and in the analytical and methodological development of new parameters. ISSeP is also positioning itself as the Walloon Reference Laboratory for water, air, soil and waste, and is making the most of its acquired experience.

Environmental metrology is crucial to understanding changes in the earth and its climate. The well-being and security of future generations depend on decisions taken in environmental policy.

To define the right course of action, decision-makers, companies and citizens need reliable, regular information. Through its scientific experience and the development of its potential in the environmental and risk management fields, ISSeP contributes to the improvement of our environment.