May 17 – ISSeP partners with Smartrun

ISSeP repeats its partnership with Smartrun and takes the podium in all categories:

  • Mixed team category: First place in the mixed team category with the “Blue Screen of Death” team.
  • Men’s category: Firstplace with the “DAT” team
  • Men’s category: Third place in the men’s category with the “Labo, GO!” team. Well done to all!

SMARTRUN™ is a dynamic, user-friendly experience, for your employees and your company. It’s a sporting event that stimulates networking and team building, aimed at companies operating in the same economic area and/or concerned by the same economic sector. An “after-work” event, SMARTRUN™ takes place late on a Thursday.

The principle of the sporting event is simple: a run by teams of 3 runners with distances for all levels: 3, 6 and 9 km. On a 3,000-meter loop, team rider A starts alone; at the first crossing of the finish line (i.e. after the first 3,000 meters), rider B joins his colleague A; A and B run the 2nd loop together; then, rider C joins his team-mates for a final three-way loop. The three team members cross the finish line together. A variant, called “super-team”, allows 1 or 2 more people to run the last 3 km loop.

A walk will be organized in parallel with the run. The walk will be guided by two guides, one of whom is an ISSeP agent with a passion for the history of the Val Benoît site.