November 21 and 28, 2019 – Soil sampler training, ISSeP, Liège (29/11 and 05/12 in Namur)

Would you like to become a certified soil sampler? As part of the new AGW Sols regulations, ISSeP is organizing a special training course for samplers.

A choice of 4 dates:

  • November 21, ISSeP, Liège
  • November 28, ISSeP, Liège
  • November 29, Moulins de Bees, Namur
  • December 5, Moulins de Beez, Namur

Provisional program

-Legislative decoding of sampling approval: for whom, why, duration, how to obtain it and constraints

-Presentation of available tools and access: CWEA – activity-pollutant matrix – BDES

-Brief presentation of sampling methods by matrix :

  • Soil
  • Excavated earth
  • Soil description, drilling log creation
  • Groundwater
  • Soil air: technical aspects + context for measurements
  • In situ measurements (pH, etc.) field “qualitative” tools (iridescence, etc.)

-Sample management: composite samples – duplicate sampling – location of sampling points – packaging, transport and storage

-Presentation of equipment available at ISSeP.

Practical information:

Training runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sandwiches are provided at lunchtime.


Entries are free but must be submitted by October 31:

For Thursday November 21 at ISSeP (Liège)

For Thursday November 28 at ISSeP (Liège)

For Friday, November 29 at Les Moulins de Beez (Namur)

For Thursday, December 5 at Moulins de Beez (Namur)


Training is open to certified experts, with participation limited to 2 people per office. These training courses are not specifically dedicated to authorized personnel. The November 29 session will feature simultaneous translation.