October 27, 2021: Presentation of BMH results to farmers’ representatives

Towards concrete farmer participation in the next stages of our biomonitorings?
We presented the results of the first biomonitoring campaign in Wallonia to representatives of the agricultural federations. As specified in the Tellier press release, these results will serve as a reference for other studies carried out in different environments (urban, agricultural, rural) and with people with different lifestyles.
ISSeP will involve farmers in further studies to identify the determinants explaining the presence of pesticides in the samples.
This future research will therefore make it possible to :
➡ Complete existing Walloon data on the origin of pesticide exposure
➡ Identify the role of direct exposure or exposure via water, air, etc.
➡ Analyze the presence of pesticides in imported foods compared to local foods
➡ Objectivize the exposure of professional pesticide users to these products