Partners in European TransfAIR project launch free mobile game to raise air quality awareness in Hauts-de-France, Wallonia and Flanders

The partners in the Interreg TransfAIR project, which includes the Institut Scientifique de Service Public (ISSeP), are presenting a mobile game designed to raise awareness of air quality by presenting the sources of pollution and its impacts, and encouraging users to adopt individual and collective practices that limit their own impact. Through short missions, the player learns about the different sources of pollution and discovers the alternatives available to reduce pollutant emissions on a daily basis. The game is based on scientific content, popularized to make it accessible to all, and encourages users’ curiosity by offering real-life situations with individual and collective challenges to improve air quality in the virtual neighborhood. TransfAIR is a project co-financed by the European Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen program, involving four main players: ISSeP, AwAC, Atmo Hauts-De-France and VMM.

The TransfAIR project aims to:
-To monitor air quality in the Franco-Belgian region, To play an active role in improving air quality.
-Communicate consistently to the public, in a way that everyone can understand.

The game, which contains a few region-specific references, is available on Google Play and the App Store under the name TransfAIR.