Call for volunteers: better determine urban traffic pollution

The aim of the OIE (Outdoor and Indoor Exposure) project is to map this pollution more precisely, taking into account the geographical spread of particles and the exposure an individual may experience indoors or in the passenger compartment of his or her vehicle.

Following on from the success of EXTRACAR (exposure of the population to traffic and black carbon), ISSeP has just set up a new research project, developed with its own funds, which aims to estimate even more precisely the exposure of the population to traffic-related pollution.

This project will therefore involve collecting data using the sensors developed for Extracar, and determining the air transfer phenomenon (air-ambient – indoor air).

By the end of this project in 2020, these two combinations will enable us to develop expertise in the precise modelling of population exposure to traffic.

The experimental part will be carried out using recognized instruments on the one hand, and devices developed specially for this project based on low-cost sensors on the other. Modelling will be carried out using the RIO-IFDM-OSPM modelling chain for the geographical distribution of ambient air concentrations, and via a customized program to assess pollution transfer between outdoor and indoor environments using different ventilation modes.

To find out more about the OIE project, click here.

To carry out this study, ISSeP called on a number of partners: AwAC (Agence wallonne de l’Air et du Climat), Bruxelles-Environnement, CECOTEPE (Centre de Coopération Technique et Pédagogique), CENAERO (Centre de recherché en aéronautique), IMOB (Instituut voor Mobiliteit), VITO (Vlaamse Instelling Voor Technologisch Onderzoek).

Would you like to volunteer for the OIE project? Send your full contact details (surname, first name, address or town, e-mail address, telephone number) and a brief description of your daily commute (place of work, mode of transport) to

Contact : Fabian Lenartz, OIE Project Manager – – 04 229 82 92

Press contact: Sophie Sleypenn – 04 229 83 49