October 11 and 16, 2019 – Training for soil experts and engineering consultants: Certification and traceability of soil in Wallonia

This November1, 2019 will mark the entry into force of the new regulatory framework for land management and traceability in Wallonia. To this end, the non-profit organization WALTERRE, designated as concession holder by the Walloon government, will ensure the certification and traceability of the soil from its site of origin to its reuse, via treatment centers, temporary storage sites or soil consolidation sites, where appropriate.

Two training courses for experts are being organized in Liège and Mons on October 11 and 16, to explain in a didactic and operational way how the various procedures work, and how operations are managed via the new certification and traceability system’s IT platform.

In order to support the expert in his or her investigation and reporting approach when carrying out a study, a “Land Quality Report” model, as it should be introduced at the Walterre asbl, will also be presented during these training sessions.

A choice of two dates:

Friday, October 11: Val Benoit, Quai Banning, 6 – 4000 LIEGE

Wednesday, October 16: INITIUM building, Boulevard André Delvaux, 15 – 7000 MONS

2:00 p.m. – Coffee reception
2.20pm – Introduction by WALTERRE asbl
2:30 p.m. – Procedures
3:00 pm – Strategies, protocols and investigations for soil quality control
15:30 – Land quality report: reporting and document templates
4:00 pm – Computer tool presentation
4:30 pm – Questions / Answers
16h45 – Networking
Registration is compulsory for soil experts and engineering consultants.

PAF : 75 € (excl. VAT) – asbl WALTERRE – KBC : BE61 7390 1761 6817

Further information: on the ISSeP and WALTERRE websites or via Simon GARZANITI s.garzaniti@issep.be

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This training course is recognized by the DPS as a (non-compulsory) training course, and is part of the 2h30 continuing training course for approved soil surveyors.