Regional coordination of SAMI entrusted to ISSeP

Following the new decree on the quality of indoor environments, the Walloon Region is entrusting assessment missions to provincial SAMIs. For the past year, the ISSeP has been responsible for the regional coordination of these SAMIs. The aim of the mission is to harmonize the services provided by these SAMIs in order to guarantee a quality service to all Walloon citizens for the analysis of their indoor environments.

But what is a SAMI? A team of social workers and scientists visit people’s homes to take measurements, make observations and take samples. The aim is to identify any sources of pollution in the indoor environment that have an impact on residents’ health (chemical compounds in the air, mold, etc.).

Who can benefit from a SAMI visit? Any citizen residing in Wallonia who so requests, with a medical prescription. Based on the results obtained in a home, SAMI draws up a visit report which is sent to the beneficiary and his or her doctor. The report also includes recommendations for improving indoor environmental quality.

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