workshop to prepare joint R&D projects

The “Institut Scientifique de Service Public” (ISSeP) and CRM Group have the pleasure to invite you to a workshop to prepare joint R&D projects on Wednesday March 18, 2015.This event is organized in collaboration with Euracoal following a proposal from its Technical Research Committee.

The Workshop will be held at

Rue du Chéra, 200
4000 Liège
on March 18, 2015 at 9.00 am (lunch planned)

The purpose of this workshop is:

  • to gather organizations involved or interested in Research & Development of
    o coal preparation, coal conversion and upgrading
    o coal combustion, clean and efficient coal technologies
    o waste thermo-chemical conversion technologies :
     municipal solid waste
     sewage sludge
     industry waste containing hydrocarbons
     soils polluted with hydrocarbons
    o CO2 capture
  • to enhance discussion of R&D subjects and identify consistent joint projects to be submitted to RFCS, FP7 or other programs
  • to start setting up partnerships and appoint coordinators.

The workshop will begin with individual presentations of project or activity proposals. Then, partners of the different projects will be encouraged to gather and jointly draft the basic structure of their proposals.